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hi ! newest skybox release from Awesome Blossom-  Story of  Home. Make sure you check it out and look at the demo :). Clementine (Awesome Blossom) is working on another home for the With love … hunt and it’s really gorgeous so far so keep a eye out for it ! Thanks all and have a great weekend & details are below ❤ Ashia Edwyn.

Skybox/decals/patio/fan: Story of Home – Awesome Blossom (Clementine Ishtari)
Bed: Chalk Dust Bed – Art Dummy (Gala Charron)
Lamp: Chalk Dust Lamp – Art Dummy (Gala Charron)
Chalk Dust Nightstand & Chalk Sticks: Art Dummy (Gala Charron)
Alarm Clock: North West @ Albero Series two (Lili Brink)
Rug flower blue – Zigana (Nalena Fairey)
Rugs from the attic/subscriber group gift – croire (Emily Kaestner)
Bird’s Nest Chair – LISP (Pandora Popstar)
Kitty – Shop Seu (seu Ahn)
Curiosity Cabinet Blue – LISP (Pandora Popstar)
Chaise Canari /purple blue stripe – North West (Lili Brink)
Potted Plant /not for sale – Blonde (Zedellbee Zuhal)
Nature Speaks Softly Decal – Cheeky Pea @ Albero Gatcha Series two (Isla Gealach)
Cushions/books/mug/cozy up cushions – Olive Juice (IsabellaGrace Baroque)
Vintage Trunk – Awesome Blossom (Clementine Ishtari)
Book Tree Shelf Autumn – LISP (Pandora Popstar)
Canvas /part of Atelier skybox – Tweedle (TommyTom Jun)
Easel M /no longer for sale – UrbanARTS (pitsch Parx)
Chirp Chalk Board (texture change and add your own pics)- LISP (Pandora Popstar)
Pile of books /hunt gift – Sunny. M (Sunny Minuet)
60ies phone – artilleri (Antonia Marat)
Gatcha Cabinet – Modest House (Tegan Sideshow)
Bluegrass Candle Suppy Co’/seasons hunt gift – Surf Co (Emma Gilmour)
Ivy in Glass – Awesome Blossom (Clementine Ishtari)
Stuffed Zebra/color change – Awesome Blossom (Clementine Ishtari)
Petals Salmon Copyable – LISP (Pandora Popstar)
Porch Relic – arcade (Izzy Bereznyak)
All Wooden Barrel Planters – Awesome Blossom (Clementine Ishtari)


new from Boom


Newest release Surf Polos  from Boom. Surf polos come with sculpted collar and bottom.  2 attach points on the bottom to make it easier to wear with accessories. Includes all possible clothing layers.  23 total colours available. My favorite colors are faded red,white, & navy. Come get them here ! Taxi

I’ll be helping with the blogging part of UNICEF ❤
bloggers or designers that are intrested in helping with UNICEF Project
please contact Unicef Rainfall for applications 🙂

hi all ❤

I took a short unannounced hiatus from blogging due to personal rl things/family illness. Hopefully I can keep this up – [can’t promise!] Glitterati’s newest props were so much fun that I had to blog them. The Office & Sparkle are adorable. The Office comes with a desk with 20 female animations & a office chair with boy animations. My boyfriend was too busy playing his current MMO to pose with me. But I figured I’d show you my favorite pose using it. Katey was also nice enough to add in a laptop, desk, & books too! Sparkle is a pretty stone/diamond [depending on what you want it to be] & has the best laying poses in it ! The above was my favorite 🙂 I’d say they are def must haves if you are a big photographer or if you just want a super cute home item. Either way!  The girly & very sweet Caerau Ribbon Pumps from {theosophy} are now out at Shoe Fair 2010. Make sure to look for Caerau’s naughty twin in studded. Theosophy is to the right of SLink at Ruthenium sim. (sorry no direct LMs are allowed at the fair)I do need to mention that I have changed my account name to Ashia Edwyn. IF you wish to pass blogger review  items make sure to do it to that account. Thank you! xo. ❤ Ash.

Hair: Midori [new]- Truth
Eyes: MP eyes [coffee] – Hermony
Skin: Taylor Dark [feline frex clev] – League
Necklace: Love is a Deserter – Whippet & Buck
Nail Polish: Nail polish [new] – tres blah
Lingerie: Agnes Set [lavender] – Whippet & Buck
Pumps: Caerau Ribbon Pumps [new @ shoe fair 2010] – {theosophy}
Prop: Sparkle & The Office – GLITTERATI

hi 😀

I know I had said I’d be blogging more [i’ve been lacking in that area due to family illness] . I had the urge to do a quicky lotd & show off some newness.Kaz Nayar has been teasing us on plurk for a week or so now of upcoming releases. He was kind enough to drop the new Brianna shorts my way 🙂 There’s a ton of colors & not to mention the texture on them is really awesome.I will be on FL vacation from June 24th-29th and when i return I hope to start heavy blogging again. ❤ Luxe.

Hair: megu blackash – *eha (Xanthous Amaterasu)
Skin: elena -02 [cocoa] glow skin – LAQ (Mallory Cowen)
Shirt: where is the line pullover gray/blue –*eha (Xanthous Amaterasu)
Shorts: Brianna shorts [khaki] – !Nayar (Kaz Nayar)
Tattoo: the birds – GOK (danel Kurosawa)
Bandaid: skinned knees – cheeky girl /closed
Boots [not shown] : yumyum shouse moccasins – dp yumyum (toraji Voom)

Currently Listening :

hi everybody! Long time no blog – i know :(. As you can see I’ve changed my layout to a clean/simple look instead. I’ve also changed my shape + skin. It was time for a new start. So much rl /sl has been changing lately. I figured I’d roll with the punches and give into something different. I’ve come back from my mini hiatus to show off new Doppelganger Inc newness!  I wanted to show off the Zumi Bikini [in coral] – the ruffles are hand drawn and perfect for showing off your  pixel rack. 😉  The second picture is featuring Sunset Beach Shirt & Surfrider Shorts. They remind me of a very 1980ish summer. I suggest you pick up the Surfrider shorts in fatpack. ❤ Def a must for your inventory. I only wish I had jellies for this outfit  ! See you soon ❤ Luxe

Hair: Found [ink] – lamb
Skin: Elena 4 {cocoa} – LAQ
Bikini: Zumi bikini – Doppelganger Inc
Sewing Machine/table: ~*MMG*~

Hair: Found [ink] – lamb
Skin: Elena 4 [cocoa] – LAQ
Shirt/Shorts: Sunset Beach shirt & Surfrider Shorts – Doppelganger Inc.
Shoes: Boardwalkers [hemp] – Surf Co
Tote: Canvas tintable [part of the cozy jammies set] – Modd G
Sunglasses: My VW Thing white(gold) – Surf Co

these pictures were taken at my home – any questions about any furniture in the skybox – IM me inworld

a quickie look –

Hair: Poppy [chocolate] – TRUTH
Skin: Imani2 [peach] – LAQ
Shape: not for sale
Monroe: not for sale
Jacket: Jacket Roxe #Black – Emery
Shirt: Top Roxe Owl #01 – Emery
Skirt: Skirt Black High Waist – Emery
Tights: Legging Roxe Misfits – Emery
Boots: Wo Boots – [0N]
Sunglasses: My Ray Ban Shades – [glow]
Coinpurse: Oxford Coinpurse Black//silver – epoque
Black Nails: Gift Black Nails – MAI
Poses: lazing 9 – leafy
tex yois nor  & the one i didn’t write down D: sorry. But both of these are Pda [which is now closed]

Can’t get it out of my head –