let it sink in





hi all ! ❤ I’ve taken forever updating on the newest releases from Cheerno. I’ve been a bit worn out from all the albero gatcha blogging previews. Once upon a time I wished/hoped that Cheerno would dip more into creating a female line. I was pretty new to SL at the time & would love shopping with guy friends at Cheerno (but not having a single girl thing to look at lol). Cheerno has come a long way since then and has it’s own Cheerno femme shopping area now. Recently three new hairs have been released. I’m showing off Cassy (with the cute bow) & Bree. And I’m also wearing a older release but also very lovely the Bianca coat in gray. Take a look at everything Cheerno femme has to offer. ❤ Ashia Edwyn.


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