amber & oak


hi all ! ❤

Another house post because I’m really in love with the new Tweedle Atelier skybox that I bought for only 75L! YES 75L – project themeory! So really seriously go pick it up. It has beautiful shadows & doors! Comes with ceiling fans on both floors & lights for the walls as well. What sold me is the art canvas & boxes that the skybox comes with! Yay extra stuff for decorating with!  The acorn lights are from Tweedle as well but do NOT come with the skybox. It has cute little stairs leading up to the second floor & a poem (or maybe song) wall decal that you can remove if you wish! I kept it though! Copy & Mod – 133 prims ! Since I need to list so many items – I will not be posting slurls for the following items. Search tool is your friend – IM me inworld if you really can’t find it. I’m just too lazy haha (esp after all the decorating i do! ) ! ❤ Ashia Edwyn

Skybox: Atelier Skybox – Tweedle (75L for project themeory)
Canvas & Packing Boxes: come with skybox ^
Tv: tahoe tv -artilleri
Chair: Autumn Shades Chair Rust – LISP *seasons hunt
Sofa:My chaise longue fall – TLND *seasons hunt
Side Table: Recycled Table- Awesome Blossom
Open Book/bottle & glass: Clutter – Sunny M.
Pumpkin Basket: Awesome Blossom
Plant: potted yucca – blonde *hunt item – i don’t think it’s sold in stores
Torso: Halkyn Torso (nude)- theosophy
Bed: Arbre Bed – what next
Rugs (living room) : Roadtrip Rug [sante fe & amarillo] – sea salt * creator Stein Shilova
Rug (near the bed) : Roadtrip Rug [oak park]- sea salt
Table + bar stools : hi table set [brown]- [mdrm]
Hanging Light: Hanging Acorn Light Fixture – Tweedle
Trash Can: Ellon Waste Bin – theosophy
Cake: Happy Pecan Owl Cake : Tableau bake sale (not sure if this is still going on-)
Mug: helloo..mug – theosophy
Artwork: “with my friend” – neom grut * artist


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