the fairy, the princess & the warrior – a look into fantasy faire 2010


hi everyone!

My little heart is all pitter patter for Fantasy Faire 2010. I’m a official blogger this year! Be prepared that there will be MUCH lag & lots to look at. The sim is broken up into nine sections Fantasy Faire Central, Avatopia, Dark Realms, Elvencourt, Neko Industrial Park, Sector SciFi, The MerMarket, Via Obscurium, Wings Wands Wonders. There will be low lag clothing at the door & there will be a secret lowlag fairy running around & might reward you for your good doings on helping keep the lag down ;).So many great names & it’s not going on for too long-  The faire runs April 19th – 25th! . I need to mention that a lot of the outfits are for RFL charity & that’s most of what I bought because I’m in full support! I’ll be showing more goodies from the faire in the next entry! [plus i bought a ton already ha] ❤ Luxe

the fairy

Hair: Annie [pecan] – TRUTH
Skin:Imani2 –LAQ
Shape: my own [not for sale]
Outfit & Wings: Ariel [rainbow] RFL* – Evie’s Closet @ FF 2010

Fairy [in mouth]:  Oops RFL 2010 Munch Fairy – Evie’s Closet

the princess

Hair: Green [pecan] – Maitreya
Skin: Imani2  – LAQ
Dress: Nereida [pearl] – Evie’s Closet @ FF 2010

the warrior

Hair: Mini [burg] – TRUTH
Skin: Imani2 –LAQ
Outfit: Wendy RFL*- Haven Designs @ FF 2010
Tattoo: Feathers [part of a old 50L Friday but may still be sold in store] – Plastik
Boots: feather boots brown – KUROTSUBAKI


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