oh sugar you so fine


hi lovelies ❤

I needed a bit of a cheer up after my bit of a bummer/sad blog entry from pink day. Something quirky & fun. Miss Kyrsten Jigsaw [amazing creator of rbcg] has made the cutest new big sunglasses & googlian eyes for your head <3.  She was nice enough to share them with me & let me show them off ! They’ll be out tommorrow night & 😉 a lil stumblebum special color in addition will be up for sale on Saturday. Tweedle also is in the mix of this with this super sweet lil juice box. I’ve been a fan of the Tweedle milk boxes and previously blogged them. This one is a bit different because of the slurping sounds [and yes i make thouse sounds irl]. This is a beta creation & hopefully will be sold soon :D. I need to mention my other fashion boner for the Guayabera shirt from Pig. This shirt is unisex friendly & looks mighty fine on any gender. It also comes in sheer which is mighty sexy as well [check out the second picture]! That’s all I have ❤ Luxe.

Hair: Brit – TRUTH

Skin: Imani – LAQ

Shape : my own – not for sale

Shirt: Guayabera shirt [shown in squash & black -sheer] – Pig

Sunglasses: the clown’s glasses [orange/will be out tommorrow!] – rbcg

Juicebox: Juicebox [beta/not sold yet?] – Tweedle

Eyes:googlian eyes [stumblebum special color in black/saturday!] – rbcg


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