my pink day entry <3


hi all ! ❤

Bit of a different type of post today. It’s not so much focused on fashion but a real serious subject. Something that is part of my real life past. So I’ve done my best to write this entry without stopping or deleting. Pink Day is Wednesday – April 14th and is for all share a passion for peace and a hatred for bullying. This hits really close to home as being a victim of not only classmate bullying but also parental abuse. In junior high – I had rocks thrown at me & was made fun of daily in the hallways. There is so much more but I don’t feel the strength to share it. There was not a single day that I didn’t get relief.  I eventually put myself into ISS to escape the abuse from my classmates. [When I went home after school I dealt with my father’s abuse too.] I experienced a intense amount of depression & suicidual thoughts during those years. I tried to keep the idea that there were still good people out there..somewhere. Keeping that hope kept me alive I think. I finally moved from that city and started high school. My first day of high school a boy attempted to make fun of me and something new in me had snapped. I instantly told him off. I had finally spoken up for myself & taken a stand. From that day forth…I was never bullied again. Since that moment I’ve  always fought back & I’m proud of myself for it. ❤ Luxe

Hair: Mandy [dramatic red] –

Skin: Imani 2 – LAQ

Shape: my own

Shirt: Pink Shirt Day – !dollipops [I do need to make a special notice & thanks to December Dollinger for getting the word out there in the first place.]

Capris: A02 Painters Destroyed Denim [ocean mist] – PO

Flip Flops & Beach Pass: Surf Co


3 Responses to “my pink day entry <3”

  1. shauna Says:

    Hey, i know how u feel! I wish i could do what u did but i dont think i know how. 😦

    • luxeurious Says:

      i think the best way to live is to live for yourself & by standing up for yourself it’s a way of taking charge of your life. It’s harder when you live with parents though naturally . It’s kind of a stuck sort of thing but if someone is bullying you. You should never have to put up with it. They’ll only stop if you fight back.

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