meet the whores <3


hi everybody ! ❤

I’m really happy to get to blog this because well 1. it’s for one of my favorite sims, 2. favorite designers, & 3. favorite era for fashion! Trilogy reopens on Saturday, April 17th.  [insert massive girl squeel here] This time around it’s going to be 1940s  ! FAINTS. Keiko Morigi was nice enough to drop her new creations on me & I was glad to show it off! I’m going to just call them the three whores which happen to be o so stylish & sexy too ❤ I introduce you to Miss Chlammie, Miss Gonnie, & Miss Syhpie. I’m gonna say I’m in love with the shapes that Keiko passed me. Mostly Miss.Syphie due to her womanly curves. All &Bean below will be available on April 17th!I’m off to work & the details below!  ❤ Luxe

On Miss Chlammie-

Hair: Juliana[Cinnamon] –ETD
Shape: Miss Chlammie – &Bean
Skin: Hounds of love Light Clammie – &Bean
Lingerie: Chlammie Bot – &Bean
Pose: (pda) is dead on the floor. five @ Pose Fair 2010

On Miss Gonnie –

Hair: Juliana [Copper] – ETD
Shape: Miss Gonnie – &Bean
Skin: Hounds of love Light Gonny – &Bean
Lingerie & Sweater: Gonnie brasiere & jacket – &Bean
Pose:  pin up- 9 – GLITTERATI

On Miss Syphie-

Hair: Chel [auburn black] – ETD
Shape:Miss Syphie – &Bean
Skin:Hounds of love Light Syphie clean – &Bean
Tattoo: Heart – Aitui
Lingerie: Syphie – &Bean
Pose: [sir] you ain’t goin’ nowhere- dfo!


4 Responses to “meet the whores <3”

  1. im so jelly you got these skins first. SO JELLY. they are pretty omg ilyr face so much those brows look…. deelish ok lesbo over


  2. Keiko M Says:

    Luxe! I LOVE how these came out!!!

    And *swoon* for how pretty you me whores look \o/!! I gotta tell you, I’m loving Syphie so hard, even more so with your styling to her!

    I can’t wait what other people come up with for this theme for Trilogy, I’m so excited about it!

    Luxe, Thank you so much for the \<3/ blog!!!
    You're just <3!

  3. Light Claven Says:

    jeezy i love all of them! those black & crymson lips rock, this skin ended up so amazing! and those outfits! BAH, perfect!

  4. luxeurious Says:

    awww thanks girlies ❤

    Keiko ! all of your shapes + skins were perfect ! ❤ I lovvvved doing Syphie. Her breasts are my favorite tho :3 haha. I tried to make her look like the darker rebel of the bunch. 😀 ❤ I can't wait for Trilogy! i've missed it.

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