the galaxy between you & I


hi everybody ❤

I took a little break from blogging due to RL job wearing out my poor wee brain. [it’s now mush] But now that the weekend is over ! I’m back and ready to blog about a new furniture love. I’d have to fess up and say furniture/homes is probably 80% of my inventory. I love nothing more then decorating a place..ripping it down/repeat. Trace Osterham’s newest creations from {theosophy} are so amazing that I snuck them into my blog <3. Trace has been a busy bee & made a bathtub, lotions, bath bombs [they remind me of rl Lush which I’m guility of spending LOTS of my rl $], lots of rubber duckies, boots, & baskets. The coolest thing I have to mention is the bath bombs have a wearable hud with tons of different bath bombs to choose from! Attach the hud & watch the tub water turn all types of fun colors.  My next mention is the coffee mug in the second picture. I’m only showing one but there are tons more by different designers -DUBOO*, This is a Fawn, & !Ohmai. All of which are freaking adorable btw. I’m done writing my novel & i’m off ! ❤ Luxe

LOTD [before i got naked 😉 ]

Hair: Anna [passionate red] –

Skin: Cupid [petal/frex/light] – curio

Shape: not for sale.

Cardigan: Ladies Like Flowers Eggshell – Pig

T-shirt: girl bunneh – terri.tees

Skirt: long skirt secret pink [gacha] – oyakin*

Flats:Flattie (the bird sey) pink-*DP yumyum

Luggage: GG Trunk Mid/orange [gacha] – =IZUMIYA=

Wearable Bubbles: Bubbly Bits pink – Turnip’s

Pose in the first photo: Dismorph [coming soon to Posefair2010~!!!]

Tub, Bath Bombs, Lotions, Coffee Mugs,Rubbie Duckies – {theosophy}

Boots, Baskets, & Shoe Rack – Coming Soon to {theosophy}!

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4 Responses to “the galaxy between you & I”

  1. elonoa Says:

    Hmm.. Lush. Love it. Did you try Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab? Great perfume oils, soaps and more! Now I have to check the Lush website again…

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