hold up


hi all ! ❤

I had a couple compliments on this outfit so I figured why NOT blog it !? I just want to point out my cute new boardwalkers shoes made  by Miss Emma G/Surf Co. They are probably my *i’m just gonna live in these for the rest of my secondlife* shoes. She also put out some new adorable long shorts & bikinis. [i will be featuring these in the next post!] Spring is almost here and I CANNOT wait. I’m so so so sick of snow and bulky coats. Enough talk ❤ Everyone have a wonderful weekend ! ! ❤ Luxe

Hair: Justine [burg] –TRUTH

Skin: Petal -Cupid [pure] – Curio

Shape: my own [not for sale]

Glasses: =RL= Fadeout [simple] –**DP** yumyum

Jacket: denim jacket /vintage – *BP

Tank: Subtle Creek Hunt Tank – BOOM

Skirt: royal tartan [yellow] – **DP** yumyum

Shoes: Boardwalkers [white] – Surf Co

Camera: traceon electronic m9 – traceon electronic

Bag: Farmer’s Market Bag – TOSL

EDIT: because i’m a fail blogger! i forgot to mention that poses used in this blog entry are from Dismorph

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2 Responses to “hold up”

  1. Hi you look like a cute country gal or a pretty tourist. EITHER WAY you look hot and MY HOUSE looks hot too.

    *noms you* <3333

  2. Trash Wahwah Says:

    hi this is cute cute cute!

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