and if Cupid’s got a gun, then he’s shootin’


Thanks to some amazing new releases- I’ve finally felt the desire to blog. The lack of blogging also is sourced from my horrible isp connection lately. So i’ve been a bit of a *save draft* button spaz. And YES ! that’s a new skin you see. I’ve traded in the lovely Winter 2 for Cupid by Curio. Make a fast tp and get the demos. It’s probably my favorite skin from her. It’s sooo delicate & soft ❤ It was my little Valentine’s day present for myself. I’m a bit of a mushy romantic and leaned on that inspiration for this outfit. Niniko’s vest is probably the best new add on to my inventory- the sculpts are very well done (comes with script). Also make sure you test your luck out on the Niniko flat gacha. (I suggest just buying the fatpack! Black is hard to get) Bye all ❤ happy valentine’s day!

Hair: Heidi [burg] – TRUTH

Ears: Metal Free Elf Ears – SLink

Skin: Cupid – Curio

Shape: my own( not for sale)

Vest: Fullsculptvest [vol.2 navy] – Niniko

Dress: Inner Ballerina – (NO)

Leggings: Leggings Laundry Day [friday] – DUBOO

Flats: Gacha Red flats [40L a play/400L for fatpack]- Niniko

Tote: My Tote Bag [pink bear] – Milk Motion


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