the sharp chill


hi all ! It’s been too long since my last update. I’ve been a bit of a slacker (pulling a Esme Milena) with my blog. RL work has been demanding with holiday season coming right around the corner. I do have to say that fall & winter is my favorite time for shopping SL or RL. I have a strong fondness for darker colors & big comfy clothing. Doppelganger’s newest release – The Forester sweater is another love add to my inventory. It’s made for boys & girls with three color choices of undershirt. (yay!) Sometimes I randomly perv through flicker accounts & I found Mae Liamano’s. Mae’s store Mustache has only a few hair styles out so far – but I def recommend checking it out. I picked up this cute hat hair (the hat is scripted for color change as well!) ❤

Hair: Ashley [raspberry] – Mustache

Ears:  Elf Ears [metal free] – SLink

Glasses: Duboo’s Glasses – Duboo

Top: The Forester Sweater- Doppelganger Inc.

Leggings: leggings001 [gray]- *MIU*

Boots: Suede Fringe [black] – KAO

Painted Fingers: Painted Glory – Tres Blah

Guitar: Guitar Bag [classic] – Sey

Currently Listening To:

No Sound But The Wind – The Editors

Poses – @waffles by Willa Whybrow


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