let your hips do the talking


If you know anything about me ..I major fan girl for Fishy Strawberry. So when I logged in this morning to find a notecard about their new fall line I was squeeling. ha  I spent way more linden than i had intended but it was VERY worth it. Their new Equinox jeans are my new favorite jeans! 🙂 (They make my pixel ass look pretty pleasing) The other great releases is the silky girly tank top shown that I paired with the top part of their new dress. I’m also in love with the falling straps & flower pin. I want to take time out to thank Katey & Makenzie for the wonderful shopping experience at Fishy today – you two are total win.  That’s all I have.bye all. ❤ Luxe

Hair: Cassie [jealous red] – Fri.day

Ears:  Metal Free Elf Ears – SLink

Tank: Poisonous Lotus [jade] – Fishy Strawberry

Undershirt: Lucille Oh’Doll Dress [petroleum] – Fishy Strawberry

Jeans: Equinox [evening] – Fishy Strawberry

Boots: Cowboy boots [tan] – Komeko – I think the designer left SL. sorry ❤ please let me know otherwise if I’m wrong!

Sim: The Space Between These Trees

Song of the Moment : Kings Of Convenience – I’d Rather Dance With You


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