it’s electric


hi everyone! There’s so much going on right now in SL that even I’ve been a bit behind on blogging! With Fifty Linden Fridays (that just passed – but will be back next Friday!), Starlust Panty Raid Hunt, Designers United, Pro Posers fashion desires are running overload.  I’ve picked a little outfit put together with certain items from Designers United which runs 8.15-8.25. The designers include – LayGyo, Epoque, Twee, Shade Throne, This is a Fawn, !Ohmai, Sugarclub, Glow Studio, Im:Mai, Pig, Duboo, Oik, Waffles, Singing Moth, Niniko. There are so many designers that I’m probably missing someone. *Let me know & I’ll edit if so*The designers were giving a jellyfish theme to work off of. I have to say that every designer in this did a gorgeous job with their creations. I wanted to buy the entire store but couldn’t.You may notice that I’m showing some new elf ears. Due to the awesomeness that is SLink I’ve did a little move from human to elf. SLink’s elf ears are the best I’ve seen yet in SL ears. They are only 200L & come with four different styles (pointy,out, short, long) ❤

Hat: A Jelly Fish Ate Your Head /Pig – Designers United

Hair: Hazel 2/Ivory – Truth

Elf Ears: Elven Ears Metal Free – SLink

Mouth Jellyfish & Tattoo: DUBOO – Designers United

Dress: Meduse/ Sugarcube – Designers United

Gloves & Socks: A Jelly Fish Ate Your Set – Designers United

Ballet Flats: Silver Pumps – Five Minutes After

Talking in Code – Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos


One Response to “it’s electric”

  1. davidsreality Says:

    All along the western front
    People line up to receive.
    She got the power in her hand
    To shock you like you won’t believe.
    Saw her in the amazon
    With the voltage running through her skin
    Standing there with nothing on
    She gonna teach me how to swim

    I said ooh girl
    Shock me like an electric eel
    Baby girl
    Turn me on with your electric feel

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