skipping stones hunt is tommorrow!


Hi! I’ve been extremely excited for this hunt! It starts tommorrow & only runs till August 24th . There are 61 stores that are participating in this event & so far the gifts I’ve seen are fantastic! Syler of Doppelganger Inc. was kind enough to give me a sneak peek at their gifty for the Skipping Stones hunt. The Scuttlebutt Set comes for both genders! Yay boys get something too!  Both pieces are adorably nautical & make you yearn for sailing. Happy hunting everyone!

Hair: Harlow/burgundy – TRUTH

Necklace:  Momento Locket – (Yummy)

Dress:  Scuttlebutt Dress – Doppelganger Inc.

Bandaid: Skinned Knees – Cheeky Girl – i can’t find this any longer 😦 sorry!

Shoes: Pornstar Lo-Tops – UBU

Poses by Esme Milena

Undertow – Stars


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