Fifty Linden Fridays


hi all! Some of you may have heard about Fifty Linden Fridays! It’s on from Friday at Midnight – till Midnight on Saturday. So very limited time!  This event was the brain child of OMGWTF Barbecue (owner of This is a Fawn) & I give her points because the entire idea is excellent. This Fifty Linden Friday includes This is a Fawn, Pig, Tiny Bird, Katatonik, =HooT=, Clawtooth by Clawtooth, Adore & Abhor. The designers set out a gift in their store that is 50L every Friday & repeat every following Friday with a new gift.  Instead of posting every single gift I picked up – I’m just gonna blog my favorite from the bunch. This cute poka dot dress (50L!!) is from This is a Fawn. I’m a sucker for the basic & simple black-white-grey dresses. I’m a big mixer & matcher with basics and this dress won my heart. I just need to get out there that Katatonik ‘s gift is pretty dirty & you’ll have to witness it for yourself. I’m not saying a word. bye!


Hair:  Nadja/strawberry red – *FUEL*

Glasses: Genius Peepers – Miel

Dress:  Francophile Dress [grey] – This is a Fawn

Stockings: Tights 02: Torny Nylon Black – *Sheer*

Boots: Wo Boots – Zero Number


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