second pick from Black Swan


hi! I wanted to share my second pick from Black Swan’s- Evie’s  Closet – Melusine Gown. I think what i love most about this gown is the extreme amount of detail that Evie’s put into the dress.Just look at the second picture & see the tiny pearls + amazing ruffles. I don’t usually blog dresses or fantasy fashion. But I do need to say that I’ve been in love with Evie’s work for a long time.  ( I have the massive *EC* folder to prove it!) But I’m going to say this is my favorite creation from her. Make sure you visit Black Swan now & look at all the jaw dropping gowns! . Here’s your tp

Hair: The Killing Moon/Red pack from Tiny Bird – Black Swan

Eyelashes: Glamour – Miriel (I think Miriel is closed now! But it was amazing & I’m heart broken it’s gone)

Gown: Melusine Gown by Evie’s Closet – Black Swan

Crown: Fairy Tale Crown in Gold/Diamond – Miriel

Earrings+Necklace: Moon & Tide Set in Gold – Miriel

To Be Free – Emiliana Torrini


3 Responses to “second pick from Black Swan”

  1. Katey Says:

    Dear Luxe,

    Marry me!

    Love, Katey

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