I want to officially say that Francesca Cazenove & Syler Morgwain of Doppleganger Inc. have done it again. Each new creation gets better and better. They never fail to make me ooh & ahh when they slip me a preview. The Junebug Dress comes in Madras & Gingham styles. There is also a bonus color (black and white gingham) included if you get a fatpack .I’m currently wearing my favorite from the bunch – the Bar Harbor Madras. I’d like to point out that Doppleganger Inc is also going to be a participant in the Skipping Stones hunt that will be going on from August 10-24. I’m REALLY excited about this one with all the sneak peeks of amazing gifts from some of my top stores. I’ll be counting down the days ❤ bye all.

Hair: Stephanie / sangria – Truth

Dress: Junebug Dress in Bar Harbor Madras – Doppleganger Inc.

Fish Crackers: Somethin’ In Your Mouth

Cardigan:  White (Lace) – *COCO*

Band-aid: Reek


6 Responses to “”

  1. Gypsy Helendale Says:

    OMG that is too adorable of a dress. Oh and gimme some of those cheezits I’m hungry.

  2. awwww beautiful and cute!

  3. Total want. And you’re right, their stuff is awesome, every time they release something I instantly love it.

  4. moddishh gossipgirl Says:

    😀 gorgy dress!

  5. SkySkull Streeter Says:

    nomnom ❤

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